Dumet Island Lighthouse

Dumet Island Lighthouse

Atlantique ocean

44420 Piriac Loire Atlantique




Designed by DYD


Vendredi 20 Avril 2018 F5OHH/P

FFF-0731, FRA-094

L = 47°24’ 42” N, 002° 37’ 15” W Locator: IN87QJ

40m (vers 7095 ou 7144) le matin/20 m (vers 14255) l’ apm

40m (vers 7095 ou 7144) morning/20 m (vers 14255) afternoon

Warning: Due to ocean differents levels during hight and low tide, sometimes I have to leave portable station to check the position of boat otherwise I risk to have some problems…Many thanks for your patience (and mine)

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