Groix Island Week

Groix Island Week’s














Possible schedule*

Saturday 16th March : Trip by car + boat

Sunday 17th : Free, Preparation and Exploration

40, 20, 15, Meters

Monday 18th March,


Pointe de la Croix Lighthouse,  FRA-253       

Fort de Surville,  DFCF-56-003

French Flora Fauna,  FFF-2638

EU-048 and DIFM AT-012

Tuesday 19th,


Wednesday 20th March,


Pen Men Lighthouse, FRA-0387   

French Flora Fauna, FFF-2639

EU-048 and DIFM  AT-012

Thursday 21st March,

 Dam of Melin, DOHF  56-BA-198

Fort du Grognon, DFCF 56-002

French Flora Fauna, FFF-2637

Lavoir de Kerlivio  DL 56.045

EU-048 and DIFM  AT-012

Friday 22nd March,


Pointe des Chats Lighthouse,  FRA-0238

French Flora Fauna, FFF-1500

EU-048 and DIFM  AT-012

Saturday 23rd : back home boat and car trip


  • This schredule can move at anytime, it depend of weather, time, timetable,pub, health, or any problem etc…


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